gabryDe Luca, Gabriele
Age: 33, born February 14, 1978
Height: 5’10″
Species: Human
Occupation: Paranormal Investigator
Likes: flirting, fancy coffee, solving puzzles
Dislikes: people that hurt kids, getting his clothes dirty, being sick or injured

Gabry’s never had a job that didn’t involve monsters and there’s almost nothing that goes bump in the night that he hasn’t had to fight and kill at some point. His body has a unique magical deficiency that causes him to drain the magical energy out of anything he touches.  It’s harmless to humans but will injure highly magical creatures. During the day he acts at the coffee side of the small book/coffee shop he runs with his boyfriend, Liam, and appears to just be an eccentric shop owner.

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liamWilliamson, Liam
Age: 37, born October 16, 1973
Height: 6’5″
Species: Human
Occupation: Paranormal Investigator
Likes: baking, any coffee, dogs
Dislikes: homophobes, being forced to be social, unprofessional behavior

Liam is Gabry’s boyfriend and business partner. They keep the city’s more monstrous elements in check and act as sort of ambassadors to the friendlier monsters. He mostly handles the book side of the book shop and scowls at potential customers. The shop itself rarely seems to have any customers but it also doesn’t seem to matter.

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Age: 6142, born 4132 BCE, turned 4118 BCE
Height: 5’2″
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Countess/Night Club Owner
Likes: cute clothes, loud music, dancing, being around young people
Dislikes: people fighting in her club, cleaning up after other vampires

Carmilla is the oldest thing in the city, if not the entire eastern United States. She holds some kind of high rank in the vampire community but never mentions it to mortals. She owns a small private nightclub in downtown River’s Crossing that serves as a sort of gathering place for the city’s monsters and magical folk. Ordinary humans are not allowed in without special permission.

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dawnLeFleur, Dawn
Age: 61, born May 26 1949, turned 1981
Height: 5’5″
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Bartender
Likes: punk rock, mosh pits, hair dye
Dislikes: assholes, vampire politics, not being in a band anymore

Once upon a time Dawn was the frontwoman for an up and coming punk rock band, until she started dating a man named Sergio and her human life came to an end. Unsure of what to do she stayed with him until he got bored with her earlier this year. Currently she’s working as a bartender at Carmilla’s club and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her undeath.

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reiKhou’Ven op Rei Tohru
Age: 28 piruan/ about 43 years born 1967, came to the surface in 1998
Species: Nai’ka (ASPECT REDACTED)
Occupation: Adjunct Professor
Likes: food, magic, being snarky
Dislikes: being treated like an idiot, faeries, being called by his first name

Ordinarily Nai’ka are friendly and cooperative to the point of being gullible, but Rei’s been living among humans for a long time, and has developed a harsher demeanor than most members of his species as a result.  He works for the local university and teaches a couple of classes on Nai’ka culture and language. Much of the rest of the time he’s working with Gabry and Liam.

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nummymuffinCoocolButter, Nummy Muffin
Age: 11 months, born March 2, 2010
Height: 10″
Species: Dog
Occupation: adorable
Likes: chasing anything that moves, barking, food
Dislikes: vacuums, strangers, that one squirrel

Nummy Muffin is Nicole’s dog. He likes to play fetch and chew on computer cables.

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Lawson, Jeremy
Age: 19, born July 24, 1991
Height: 5’8″
Species: Human (rabbit-person)
Occupation: Undergraduate Student (Major in Creative Writing)/Busboy
Likes: awkwardly cute guys, reading, running
Dislikes: the smell of blood, hospitals, being seen as a “freak”

Jeremy is a friend of Cynthia’s from work. Although he appears to be an ordinary human he was born with mutations that caused him to resemble a white rabbit. Concerned, his parents made certain that those defects were corrected when he was very young. He’s extremely embarrassed by this fact since it prevents him from really fitting in with ordinary humans or with other Beast-people.

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jordiBertrand, Jordi
Age: 27, born January 16, 1984
Height: 5’9″
Species: Human
Occupation: Liquor Store Clerk
Likes: computers, motorcycles,  photography
Dislikes: fire, being yelled at, confrontation

Jordi came to River’s Crossing for graduate school but was never able to finish because of financial troubles.  He’s currently working at the liquor store with Nicole  and trying to save up enough money to go back to school.

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