sergioQuezada, Sergio
Age: 528, born 1482, turned 1507
Height: 6’1
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Independently Wealthy?
Likes: vulnerable young women, shirts that show off his chest,  putting creepy eye decorations all over his house
Dislikes: being told what to do, being bored, vampire bureaucracy

Sergio owns a large plantation house a few miles outside the city of River’s Crossing, which acts as a kind of vacation home for many of the vampires in his family.  As the oldest one in the house he generally acted as defacto leader. He’s dead now.
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abigailMasterman, Abigail
Age: 19, born April 5, 1991
Height: 5’4″
Species: Human (elf)
Occupation:  Undergrad Student (Major: Undeclared)
Likes: partying, shoes, cute boys
Dislikes: schoolwork, hangovers, ugly boys

Abigail is Nicole’s little sister, and like her sister she was born with a magical mutation that left her with pointed ears and a highly specified magical ability. Abigail can heal small cuts or bruises by touching them. Unlike Nicole, who is rather tomboyish and introverted, Abigail is very outgoing and prefers more stereotypically feminine hobbies. Despite this the two of them usually get along pretty well.

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antonMöller , Anton
Age: 29, born October 17, 1981
Height: 6’4″
Species: Human
Occupation: Doctoral Resident at River’s Crossing Regional Hospital
Likes: helping people, medicine, children
Dislikes: monsters, dealing with Gabry and Liam, monsters

Anton is a young and talented doctor in the middle of his residency at River’s Crossing Regional Hospital. He typically works the late night shift and has sort of become Gabry and Liam’s go to guy for all their magical and monster related ailments. As such he’s gotten pretty well versed in them, but he really wishes he was a pediatrician instead.

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jonesJones, Felicity
Age: 25, born August 17, 1985
Height: 7′
Species: Human (giraffe-person)
Occupation: Rookie Police Officer
Likes: protecting people, catching bad guys, painting
Dislikes: writing tickets, feeling like she’s not doing anything useful, racism

Jones is the only beast-person currently working for the River’s Crossing Police Department. She’s still quite new to the job and hopes to make the city a nicer, safer place to live. It’s not going so well so far but she’s sure that will change once she’s promoted to a higher level position.

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miguelBaxterrika, Miguel
Age: 20, born November 3, 1989
Height: 5’9″
Species: Human
Occupation: Undergrad Student (pre law)/ Vampire Lackey
Likes: knives, violence, himself
Dislikes: overgrown babies like Jeremy, being bossed around

Miguel was Jeremy’s roommate at school, but they never got along well. He comes from a family of lawyers and politicians and had planned to go into the same line of work himself until he disappeared recently.

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rikaIkari, Rika
Age: 796, born 1214, turned 1232
Height: 5′
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Executioner
Likes: Nai’ka blood, killing things, wearing revealing clothing
Dislikes: Carmilla, Ian, Nicole

Rika is Sergio’s blood-sister and would very much like to get revenge for his death. Despite appearances she is extremely good at killing other monsters and carries around a pair of specialized swords for that purpose.

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namiKhou’Ven op Rei Nami
Age: 24 Piruan/ about 36 years, born 1974, came to the surface in 2005
Height: 6′
Species: Nai’ka (Negative Thermal)
Occupation: taking care of her brother
Likes: flowers, snow, dancing
Dislikes: summer heat, mean people, sunburns

Nami is Rei’s younger sister  and does most of the cooking and housekeeping around the small house they share.  She’s quite intelligent and is familiar with how the surface world works, but Rei is quite protective of her anyhow.
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teraiFaa’Vierelan op Koru Terai
Age: 19 Piruan/ about 28 years, born 1982
Height: 5’2″
Species: Nai’ka (Water)
Occupation: Undertaker
Likes: sweets, his hair, being with Kim’Hara and Ra’Hiin
Dislikes: being disrespected, the sun, not being with Kim’Hara and Ra’Hiin

Terai came to the surface world to collect the corpse of an unidentified Nai’ka and return it home for burial. He’s preformed similar tasks dozens of times in the underground. But he’s been separated from his guardians and is lost both physically and mentally without them.

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