It’s not really the eye of Sauron.

I don’t remember if I said or not but I did get that barrista job. So excited.

Also I downloaded pesterchum from the MSPA forums. It’s cute and I decided it’s going to be the chat client of choice for the characters in the TWIYEH universe.

Epscillon and I came up with chumhandles for most of the main characters and I’m debating on creating profiles for them or not.
Anyway chumhandles are as follows:
Nicole- pieRomantic
Ian- codeMonkey
Caine- accidentallyAwesome
Cynthia- enigmaticEvidencer
Jeremy- cheeseburgerApocalypse
Jordi- bordeauxEsprit
Abigail- beautifulDisaster

Bear in mind that if you use pesterchum and if you see someone using one of these handles it’s probably not me.