Hey, we’re back!

Sorry I vanished so suddenly. Between my tablet breaking and my roommate’s cat being sick and the general state of the world overall I had a slight nervous breakdown. Thanks for sticking around, I really appreciate it.

While I was gone I made a decision regarding the rest of the story. Since both TWIYEH and SP are nearing their respective ends I am going to put one on hiatus so I can focus on finishing the other. I’m going to run through the buffer pages I have and then SP will pause and TWIYEH will start updating more. I’ll still probably post updates on mondays but it will be two or three pages instead of one. I currently have up to page 7-55 inked so the bigger updates will begin after that.

Also if you are on Pillowfort I got into the beta! My page is here. So far I really love it, it’s structured extremely well for artists and the staff seems to genuinely care about it being a good place for it’s users. If you haven’t signed up for the beta yet I highly recommend that you do. I expect it could replace tumblr pretty quickly for a lot of people once it’s fully open.