Taking the week off after AZ turned out to be a good idea. I needed a little time to decompress.

I spent the extra time doing a little planning for the comic I’m going to do after TWIYEH is done. I don’t have anything in a viewable state yet but I did make some progress. Also thinking about what I’m going to do convention wise in the future. This past year I finally started doing fanart prints and things otherwise not related to the comic and I was taking in enough to at least break even at most cons. But that was sharing a table with Pickles and AZ was her last con for the foreseeable future. I actually quite like doing conventions but I’m priced out of doing too many, and working a con by yourself fucking sucks. Anyway I’m probably not going to worry about conventions too much until after TWIYEH is done and I’ve got some stuff going on the next comic. But I am going to try and keep doing them. I’ll keep going to SPX at least.