Don’t forget! SPX is this coming weekend! September 17 and 18! I’ll be at table H12 with my bff Pickles! And our friends Paul Jones and Scorrosive will be right next to us at H13!

For reference here’s the convention map with our tables circled.

SPX is honest to fuck my favorite convention of the year. I hope you’ll come see us if you’re able!

Also, just a head’s up. Between getting ready for SPX and being sick I’ve fallen a bit behind on things. So I’m going to take a week off the comic around the convention. There will be a new page on wednesday (sept 14) but there won’t be any TWIYEH pages the week after SPX. Normally there’d be pages on the 19th and 21st but I’m hoping to use that time to get caught up on commissions and recovering from this cold. Updates will resume as usual on September 26.