So I just realized that by posting two pages this week I kinda fucked up the pattern of two pages on the first and third weeks of the month and one on the second and forth.
I guess it doesn’t really matter?

Society6 is doing daily sales right now. As I type this it’s 20% off tote bags and pillows. It may be something else tomorrow.

Also I’m going to start doing commissions on a regular basis. I really want to keep my hours at the coffee shop low and if I can make up the difference with commissions I can spend more time drawing. I’ll be putting together a more formal post later this week but basically I’m going to be charging an hourly rate of $15 (plus paypal fees). I draw reasonably quickly so most sketches and smaller drawings will cost between $15 and $45 regardless of what the actual content is. I figure in the long run it will be simpler and cheaper than having flat rates for many different kinds of drawings.
I’m going to put a cap on the number of commissions I’ll take per month based on the amount of money I’d need to earn. I.e. If I hit the cap I wouldn’t necessarily have to work at the coffee shop that month. I seriously doubt I will hit it but if that happens I’ll roll new people over to the following month.
If you’re interested in reserving a commission send me a message (secretcollect (at) works fine) and tell me what you want. I’ll get back to you and tell you how long I think it will take and thus how much it will cost.