Gah this was gonna be ahead of schedule and then the power went out.

Okay shorter version of what I was typing before:

I’m going to take a week off the comic for Dragon Con. I’m not going to have time to do extra pages to cover the gap before I leave, so there will be no TWIYEH on November 2 or 4.

The comic will update as normal until then and return as normal after.

I won’t be tabling at Dragon Con but as is my way I do sometimes hang out with readers for a bit. If you’re interested in that you can contact me via Twitter (I’m @Kytri) once we’re at the con.

Other Conventions I’m doing in September:¬†Small Press Expo ( Sept. 14-15 in Bethesda Maryland) and Anime Weekend Atlanta (Sept. 27-29 in Atlanta Georgia)

I will be tabling at both of those.